A lunch break rant

So I’m reading the Puget Sound Business Journal whilst eating my lunch and there’s a section called “Online This Week” which shares selected news items* that were posted on their online edition in between weekly print editions.

The first item was this:

Fine for texting/driving: Too high?
The three-sentence long piece noted that a Pemco Insurance poll found 17 percent of those questioned felt that the $124 fine for using a cell phone while driving was too steep. Eleven percent felt that the same $124 for texting while driving was too high. 

The second item was this:

Washington statewide primary voter turnout: 27 percent
It goes on to say that less than 27 percent of the state’s registered voters participated in the Aug. 17 primary election. Shockingly, that included 62.25 percent of voters in rural Columbia County (a population of less than 4,100) but only 21.33 percent in the state’s second-largest county, Pierce County (a population of around 813,600).

What’s the point though, right?

Point #1: If you’re not planning to break the law by using your hand-held mobile device whilst driving then you shouldn’t care what the fine is. If you do break the law, well, too bad, so sad.

Point #2: If you don’t like the laws passed by our elected officials then you’d best get off your back side and do something about it. If you’re not registered, register. If you’re not able to register for whatever reason, lobby for your cause. After all, the best way to see change is to vote for change.

OK. Rant over. Please feel free to resume your normal daily activities now because my lunch break is over.

Thank you!

* It was actually listed as ‘breaking’ news in the paper, but I highly doubt that either of these items count for breaking news.

4 Replies to “A lunch break rant”

  1. I’m registered but don’t think you’re on the ballot paper over here, Frances. Shame, I’d vote for you!
    Most sense I’ve heard in a while.
    Mind you, I am in Spain and not understanding most of what’s said to me at the moment. That could have something to do with it.

    1. As long as you don’t think a funny foreign language that you have sketchy school-days memories of makes more sense than my rant, we’re good!
      Don’t worry about not voting for me. I know that if I were to run for Stirling council, you’d totally vote for me. Heck, I might even let run my campaign! 😉

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