Updates on Just Frances remodel

Just Frances is undergoing some major remodelling at the moment. Whilst all new posts will be added to this site immediately, the backlog of posts from 2009 onward will be added over the next several weeks – prioritising the most popular posts.

If you are looking for something specific that you want me to prioritise, pop me a note!

Latest updates (18 September 2020):

Posts remaining: 493

Completed letters crossed out: A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, k, L, M, N, O, P, q, R, S, T, u, v, W, x, y, z

  • 2012 posts are done; galleries have been added but are missing captions.
  • 2010-2011 posts are done; galleries have been added but are missing captions.
  • 2009 posts and galleries are done.
  • 2020 posts are live with full galleries and images. Some links are missing and will be added at the end of project.
  • All pre-2013 posts are live. However, links might be a bit wonky or broken for a bit with photos and galleries missing for many posts.
  • Posts related to tolvaptan, ITP awareness month, and my broken ankle are back. These are common “hits” that were getting error pages, so were updated ahead of other posts.

Rough work plan moving forward:

Posts from 2013 onward will be completed by letter groups. This is because it is easier to manage the files by post name rather than date. Some letters are more popular than others (as of this update, there are 100 remaining “a” posts but only 1 each of “q” and “y”, and no “x” posts). My intention is to mix it up a bit by finishing some of the smaller groups for an “easy win” whilst knocking out a few of those popular “a” and “t” posts along the way.

  • By 15 October (hopefully sooner!) all main posts will be complete
  • TBD: All 2020 cross-linking to be updated
  • TBD: All galleries to be completed, including captions for individual photos
  • TBD: Reconfigure (some) tags and categories, as required based on full review of past posts
  • Goal date: 31 October: Re-activate subscriptions