Sometimes you don’t want to read; you just want to see photos. This page serves as a portal to allow just that!

The main galleries

All my posts that include a photo gallery can be found under the “Gallery” tag. Most of these are from sightseeing and adventuring, although some of them are step-by-step tutorials for crafts and recipes with a handful of random weirdness for good measure. See the galleries here.

Random photo dumps

These galleries are part of a monthly series of “photo dumps”. They are a collection of random photographs that do not otherwise have a “home” as part of another story here on Just Frances. They are here for your enjoyment, for my own memories, and so that they are available to illustrate future posts as relevant. See the galleries here.

Run, Frances, Run

These are race-specific photos that include my bibs, medals, and sometimes running partners. (Please note that the medals are merely finishers’ medals; my days of fast running are long gone!) See my running gallery here.

My swirls

Most of my swirls can be found here. For a while, I was selling them as note cards, but now I only make note cards for my own use or as gifts for family and friends. But if you would really like a set of cards, please get in touch and we can talk. See the swirl gallery here.

We forgot the tripod

In the early days of RyanCentric, we had a photo gallery called “We forgot the tripod”. This album replicates that and adds to it, up to October 2013. So, if you want to see photos of me and Paul smiling and being silly together, this is the place for you! And, of course, for more photos of my wonderful life with my wonderful late husband, visit See the “tripod-less” gallery here.

Random nature [coming soon]

This is a galley in progress and will include a range of “nature” photos.