Sometimes I wonder if there’s much difference between a list of goals and a “to-do” list. As I try to focus on a new future—a yet unknown future—I’ve been giving a lot of thought to my goals and objectives for my time on this Earth.

Being one of those people who like to keep lists, I thought maybe I needed to make a list of my goals so that I had something to focus on. (Admittedly, before ‘widow brain’ took over and I lost my drive and ambition, I even had a master list to keep track of my lists.)

I started to write things out and it wasn’t long before there were more than 100 items on my list. It made me realise that I’m confusing my goals—my life’s ambitions—with my daily chores and life’s obligations. Not only that, I’m confusing my goals with the steps needed to achieve them.

So I’ve simplified. I’ve identified the four main goals in my life and those are the things I will work toward.

My life’s goals:

1) To be blissfully happy
2) To earn my master’s degree
3) To publish a book
4) To rule the world*

Within each of those goals, there are long task lists. Certainly, some tasks will include sub task lists of their own. Over time, I will add links to the four goals with lists of tasks that I feel need to be tackled in order to accomplish each of these goals. The tasks may change from time-to-time, but the four goals will remain the same. Or, I may wake up one day and realise that in order to complete the most important goal—to be blissfully happy—I may have to sacrifice the others. And that would be OK, because being happy is worth it.

* I did start with just three goals, feeling that “to rule the world” might be a bit bold for a goals list. But the obvious absence was noticed by a woman I’ve known “online” for several years. And I decided that maybe it’s OK to mention it here, since everyone knows it’s my life’s ambition anyhow…

Note: Feel free to comment. Feel free to offer support. And feel free to let me know how you would accomplish these goals if they were yours. But please remember that each person’s path to reaching their goalseven similar onesis different based on life experience and personal beliefs. So if I don’t do it ‘your way’ it doesn’t mean I don’t think your way is right, I just don’t think it’s right for me. (But your input is still valuable to me!)

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