2022 Goals

You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.
~ C.S. Lewis

Overarching goals: Seek answers, solutions, or improvement for Life, the Universe, and Everything

Life: This incorporates all things health and fitness including my overall diet, fitness goals, and the management of my chronic health conditions. It’s about keeping physically healthy so that I can keep living this thing called life.

The Universe: This is about the “greater good” and community, including service to others through volunteering my time, giving monetary gifts to charities and causes in need, or sharing my talents and skills to help others.

Everything: This is about balancing the rest of life. The balance between my working and personal loves; between prioritising my needs and giving to the needs of others; between being active and finding time to sit and reflect.

Read more about these primary goals here.

Measurable goals

In addition to my overarching goals, I have a set of measurable goals and objectives that I will work on throughout the year. I believe that these goals will help me to succeed in seeking answers, solutions, or improvement for Life, the Universe, and Everything. (Yes, it’s all connected!)

Health and Fitness

  • Run 750 miles
  • Sub-28 5K
  • Sub-60 10K
  • Sub-8 mile
  • Sub-2.30.00 half-marathon
  • Sub-5.00.00 marathon
  • 4,500,000+ steps
  • Regular yoga practice (work towards 60 minutes per week)
  • 365 miles of walking

Travel and Adventure

  • 16-hill walk in the Pentland Hills
  • Walk the full length of the Water of Leith Walkway
  • Summit Ben Nevis

Professional Life

  • 3+ academic publications
  • Submit a large grant application
  • Develop 3-5 long-term goals (update from existing goals)
  • Re-organise and archive all pre-lectureship academic files
  • Refresh all top-level pages on PhD website

Personal Improvement and Skill Building

  • Get a UK driver’s licence
  • Make a memory quilt from Paul’s old running t-shirts
  • Read 12+ books for leisure
  • Enjoy 12+ tech/digital-free days
  • Develop 3-5 long-term goals (update from existing goals)


  • Find 42 geocaches
  • Complete family cookbooks in Mum’s memory
  • Cook at least 1 recipe from family cookbooks each month

Archived goals

2021: Overarching goal: The ABCs: Accountability, Balance, and Calm

2020: Overarching goal: To be a stronger, more confident me

2015-2019: These goals are summarised here

“Big” Goal #1: To be blissfully happy (a life-long goal)
“Big” Goal #2: To earn my master’s degree (success!)
“Big” Goal #3: To publish a book (goal sidetracked by my master’s and PhD degrees, but will happen one day!)
“Big” Goal #4: To rule the world (potentially my most unrealistic goal)

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