Goal #1: To be blissfully happy

What does it mean to be blissfully happy? Well, prior to my amazing husband dying, it meant feeling a sense of peace and belonging in the world—something I never truly felt before September 2001 when I moved to Scotland. It also meant feeling excited about my future and it meant laughing until it hurt most days. During the few years that I was blissfully happy, I smiled and danced and laughed and enjoyed the simplicity of every-day nothingness.

I have to be honest and say that I don’t know what blissfully happy will mean for this new world that I’m facing. But I am pretty confident that the steps below will help me to reach that goal—even if some of the steps are only mechanisms to help me get to a place where I am ready to define blissful happiness.

This list may change over time and is in no particular order. I may add tasks as I identify them and I may remove ones that I feel are no longer right for me. And that’s OK as long as I keep working toward the goal.

Goal #1: To be blissfully happy

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