A Dunfermline day

I spent a day in Dunfermline over the weekend and am now wondering what took me so long to make the journey*. After all, it’s only a wee 30-minute train journey across the firth. But now that I’ve been, and now that I’ve realised there is so much to do and see, I am sure I will be back!

This visit was the idea of my day’s adventure partner, who works in Dunfermline and suggested I might enjoy a trip to the abbey. We caught the 10 am train from Edinburgh and made our way to the abbey by way of a geocache at the park and a wee stop at (the other) CarnegieHall**.

Once at the abbey, we explored the various nooks-and-crannies inside as well as some of the grounds on the outside. Sadly, the abbey church is closed in the winter, so an additional trip will need to be made over the summer to get the full effect.

We then wandered up to Pittencrieff Park where we enjoyed a packed lunch before heading back to Edinburgh.

Had the weather been better (it was freezing!!) I would have liked to do some more geocaching. But now that I know how easy it is to get there, and how lovely the town is, I am sure I’ll be back.

(And yes, Mum, I took pictures!)

* I did go once before, for a dear friend’s funeral. That was a sad day though so I’m not counting it.
** Maybe my next trip will be focused on Andrew Carnegie, who was born in Dunfermline!

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