Another light bulb moment

Today my Dad gave me a quick call on Skype to tell me that a parcel arrived for me (I’ve had my post forwarded to the folks’ place) and he wanted to know if he should open it. The parcel was from my utility company and it seemed strange that they’d be sending me anything other than an electric bill, which I get by email anyhow.

So I had Dad open it and as he did so, he mentioned the label on the side saying something about my “CFL have arrived”. Odd, I’d not ordered any CFLs. What are those anyhow? Oh, wait! It’s all coming back to me now.

About three years ago I sent away for free compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) from my utility company and promptly forgot about it. But sure enough, once Dad got that box opened, there were eight brand-spanking-new CFLs nestled inside for me.

And that means that whilst the energy company might be keen to get their customers to use energy-efficient light bulbs, they are not very efficient with sending them out!

I’ve declined Dad’s offer to send them to me, even though I know that he’d do it in under three years. Instead, I’ll let my folks use them. You know, so that they can say I’ve brightened their lives.

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