A new “first post”

Hello and welcome to Just Frances (again). This post serves as the “new” first post for my blog, www.JustFrances.com so that I can explain the timeline for anyone who decided to go straight back to the start of the Just Frances timeline!

This website, www.JustFrances.com, was started on 15 February 2009 as an outlet for my mundane ramblings and little updates on my life as a widow – but it was not intended as a widow blog (it still isn’t a widow blog; it’s a Just Frances blog!).

Read the original introduction post to Just Frances here.

About six months before starting this site, I maintained a “widow blog” that was purely a way of processing my grief. That site was not shared widely with my family and friends, as I didn’t want to burden them with my grief (or in some cases be lectured about the “right way” to grieve).

Read the original introduction post to the “widow blog”, now housed on Just Frances, here.

Eventually, however, I decided to stop using the widow blog and I began sharing everything here – the mundane ramblings, the little updates, and the grief. (Read more about this decision here.)

Even before the widow blog, I maintained a family website, www.RyanCentric.com, with my amazing husband, Paul. I shared a few posts on RyanCentric after Paul died, but I soon realised that I couldn’t bring myself to share my life on my happy-families website as I was now Just Frances.

I have now imported the “widow blog” and the handful of post-widowhood RyanCentric posts into Just Frances so that everything is in one place. This way, my entire widowhood blogging life is in one place. (Although RyanCentric remains live, saved in memoriam to Paul, should you wish to visit and learn more about my life as part of an amazingly happy couple!)

So, as you read through this site you will see that the first several posts are pre-www.justfrances.com with a few non-JF posts scattered into 2010. These posts will be marked as such. Right. You may carry on reading now.

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