A public service announcement

This will be a short post – or rather, a short public service announcement – because I am using my Dad’s netbook as I am unable to get online with my own awesome laptop.

Why can’t I get online? Because my parents got a new Internet service provider. And when the provider came over to set things up they were handed a business card with a long, difficult-to-remember string of numbers to use as the network key.

And like many people, they never changed the code to something they’d remember. And they’ve lost the card.

This is not the first time I’ve run into this problem. And I bet others have run into this problem, too.

So, my PSA to you is this: Make sure that you know your network key. Because not only can it be a nightmare for your guests, but it can make it difficult to go online with your new gadgets and gizmos if you don’t know the magic code.

No, wait! Just as I typed the last sentence, Daddy found the card with three lines each containing 10 characters. One of these is meant to be the magic code. I guess I’ll go see if it works on my laptop now…

5 Replies to “A public service announcement”

  1. Come on…be fair. I didn’t lose the card…to do that, I would actually have to use the card with the magic numbers. Me, I’m still too computer illiterate to even know what to do with all those wonderful numbers!! 🙂

  2. our string of numbers is written on scraps of paper littered thru the house (as you know, Frances)
    life would be offline h*ll if we lost it as i have no faith in telus customer service giving us a timely reminder

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