Aberdeen: Looking up

I made a trip to Aberdeen today for a meeting and found myself looking up. In fact, I found myself looking up a lot more than I would have expected because I was enjoying the contrast of the grey-slabbed buildings against the bright blue skies.

It was a bit surprising to me in a way because I’ve been to Aberdeen many times over the years, but this is the first time that I’ve really noticed or paid attention to the spires reaching upwards into the sky. 

Of course, this was also my first time in Aberdeen on my own, as every other trip has been with colleagues for meetings or conferences. In fact, my first trip to Aberdeen was with a colleague from my days working at Universities Scotland way, way back in 2003 when we took a taxi to and from the train station to our meetings meaning I didn’t get to see the city at all. 

Today’s visit was relatively quick. But train times were such that I had more than an hour before and after my meeting. And whilst it was quite cold, the skies were dry and blue which meant that I was able to walk the mile and a half from the train station with more than enough time to stop for photos. And that’s the purpose of this post: Not the meeting, not the train journey, but the photos! Photos that you can enjoy without the kink in your neck from all the looking up!

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