And I didn’t fall once…

Well, I’m back in America now. But not home. I’m still working on that. So, I’ll save the trials and tribulations of my homeward journey and instead, just share yesterday’s super-happy day in Canada with you. (Yay!!)

The day started with a great night’s sleep – for the second night in a row. And it was only made better when I descended the stairs to be greeted by my friends once again. (I was even momentarily mistaken as Rebecca, which I think of as a great compliment!)

After breakfast, we loaded into the car and drove to the wine shop where we women folk bottled some wine whilst the boys popped into the local bike shop. When we finished, the boys drove the wine home and we girlies took a bit of a wander along the water.

Later in the afternoon, we loaded the car again and then headed to Cypress Mountain to participate in the Lantern Ski. The last time I went skiing was with my friend, Roach (really), about 12 years ago, and it was downhill, so I did find cross-country skiing a bit difficult. But, I am pleased to say, I didn’t fall ONE time. [Enter cheeky smile here.]

It was a fantastically fun day. But a fantastically long day, too. This is why I’m posting this now, and not last night when I was too tired for a second cocktail, let alone playing on the computer! (Plus, my tailbone was very sore since I didn’t fall once, and I just wanted to rest!)

So, those are the highlights from my last full day with great friends in Canada. This morning was a bit sad as I said my goodbyes, but knowing I’d see everyone in the summer helped ease the tears of separation.

And then the travel trials began…

The highlights are that 1) it took twice as long to get to my foster daughter from Canada to where she was staying and 2) the roads over the mountain pass were too bad to continue after collecting her so we crashed at the home of an old classmate who happens to live near(ish) the base of the pass.

We hope to continue our trek in the morning, and I promise to share the story when (if?) we make it home.

And because I know everyone is expecting them, you can see some of the photos of my trip here. (Yay!)

4 Replies to “And I didn’t fall once…”

  1. So very glad that you are safe and warm. I have been watching the news of the snow all day and was getting concerned. Hurray for old classmates! Drive safely in the morning.

  2. safe journey onwards home tomorrow or whenever it’s safe.
    it was absolutely wonderful having you to stay …. we must work on The Next Time! good/easy houseguests are always welcome back 🙂
    best wishes to your tailbone!

  3. Safe onwards journey, been thinking of you today. We did offer to kidnap you!!
    and as for compliments, I’m not so sure you should take it as one, you’re way younger. It’s me that should be pleased with the comparison!!
    See you again soon(ish)

  4. Oh, to be kidnapped! What a wonderful idea. But, it’s not long until September 12 now!!
    Tailbone is very sore. Very, very sore. But well worth it for the great time I had! Thanks, ladies!!!

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