And the winner is…

WooHoo! Thank you to everyone who entered* for a chance to win free coffee! For that matter, thank you to all of my readers. Your support of my ego-driven ramblings means more to me than you may know!

And congratulations to Mark, who has won a $25 gift card to Starbucks!

Well, I suppose I should answer my own questions now, so here goes: 

(1) What’s your coffee order and why?
Tall drip – preferably French roast but any darker, full-bodied roast will do. Strong; no milk; no sugar. Why? There was a time when I drank lattes, but I think I did it out of social necessity – after all, my friends drank lattes so I should, too. I’d order a double tall, non-fat latte but then I wouldn’t drink the whole thing because it was too milky. I was essentially throwing my money away. It just made sense to switch to drip since I knew I’d actually drink it that way. 

(2) What’s the funniest thing you’ve ever witnessed when at the coffee shop?
It was at a Costa Coffee when I was living in Scotland and everyone in the shop was snickering when we saw it. Two elderly ladies were walking toward the counter; a bit slow, but it was obviously their turn to order next. This young man dressed in his best Burberry get-up pushed past them and mumbled his order in a way that only his kind can do. The ladies were extremely unhappy to have been cut off so one whacked him on his shoulder with her handbag a couple of times whilst the other berated him for his poor behaviour, wagging her finger the whole time. The kid looked shocked and embarrassed and swiftly left the shop. It was great! 

(3) What’s your favourite “random acts of kindness” story?
Years ago when I was first diagnosed with an auto-immune disease that meant a low platelet count, I was told that I could still donate blood if my platelet counts were in the “normal” range for at least three months. So when the condition went into remission I excitedly went to the local blood drive – dragging a friend with me, even though she wasn’t going to donate as she was not too keen on needles. When I was told by the Red Cross nurse that, actually, I would never be able to donate blood again because I’m a “bleeder”, I was visibly upset. I think I may have even cried.

My friend, the one who was extremely dramatic about her dislike of needles, instantly said “I’ll give blood since you can’t.” She knew that taking over my dedication to blood donation was the best way to console me. It was an act of impulse, but also of kindness. And each time there was a blood drawing in town, she was there giving blood in my stead. And when she was asked if she was interested in being placed on the national bone marrow registry, she said yes without batting an eye. And, eventually, she became a living organ donor. Whilst the last part wasn’t so random, the blood donor part certainly was!

Thanks again for coming out to play! Have an awesome day!

* For reasons not yet discovered, the back-end system used for Just Frances deleted rather than approved all comments made by first-time posters (on all stories) over a period of about 48 hours, though I did get the email notifications. This means that if you commented, I got it – I will work to manually enter them over the weekend so that everyone can see them. And I’ve emailed all of those people to let them know I know they’ve commented. The system is now up and running so any new comments WILL appear on the board. Technology, for all of its amazing awesomeness, sucks sometimes!

4 Replies to “And the winner is…”

  1. Frances,
    I did send you an email in response to the one you sent me to notify me of my win but figured I’d publicly thank you for your generosity with regards to offering $25 of free coffee to me.
    However… in the same vein as the blog post, if you haven’t already purchased the gift card, could you instead give the $25 to a charity of your choice ?
    If you have already purchased the card, how about I promise that I’ll give the gift card to someone who I feel could do with a couple of cups of the good stuff from Starbucks ?
    Thanks again,

    1. I’ll not argue with you, because if it were me I’d likely make a similar request. So instead, I will add an additional $25 to the check I planned to send the PKD Foundation in honor of my aunt’s kidney transplant last week. So, instead of a gift card, you can think of it as winning a chance to help find a cure for polycystic kidney disease!
      (Is there irony in donating to a kidney disease foundation instead of giving someone a gift card to a caffeine-pushing establishment? Maybe…)

  2. Fabulous! What an awesome idea that was.
    And how appropriate that Mark is donating the $25 dollars, or would have given the gift card (randomly?) to someone in need of caffeine!
    Thanks for the video clip too Frances, it was good to see and hear you again. I’ll be sending the link to my nephew so he gets to ‘meet’ you before he meets you in September! He will think you are super cool if you’ve been on YouTube!!

    1. Glad you enjoyed the video! It was a bit fun to do, and even though I’m a bit self-conscious about it and think I look and sound weird, I’m going to do it again. I already have an idea of what the next Just Frances video will be. So, at least your nephew will have something to laugh at!

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