And we’re back

Our time in the UK has sadly come to an end and we are now back in America after leaving Edinburgh in the early morning hours. As always, tears were shed as I left my beloved Scotland behind. I am so pleased to have had the opportunity to share it all with Mum though, who now understands a bit better why I have such a love for the place.

The last few days in Scotland saw us touring castles, abbeys, churches, and other such old falling down buildings in and around Edinburgh, Stirling, and (of course) Roslin. Because we had a car and my local(ish) knowledge, we were able to get away from the main tourist places and visit some of the less-travelled sites. We also spent a lot of time visiting with friends in and around Scotland.

We had a wonderful time and, as always, I wish I never had to leave. There are a few things Mum didn’t get to see this trip, but I’m hoping that the visit has left enough of an impression on her that she will want to return to see more of the lovely British Isles in the future.

So, here I am state-side once again. I’m a bit knackered after the long journey, and expect to have an off-kilter sleep pattern for a few nights; Mum is a lot knackered, and will certainly take longer to recover than I will.

Also, my right leg is bruised three inches above and below my knee, a phenomenon that happens because I use my leg to push, heave, lift, and otherwise manage my luggage. That will be my long-lasting souvenir – but sadly, won’t serve as a reminder to handle my luggage differently in the future. (Have I mentioned I’m stubborn and don’t like to ask for help in lifting heavy bags?)

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  1. come on little sis you stubborn as “if” all i can say it was great to see you both and as usual your visit was too short and it went too quickly though we are pleased you are both home safe and sound we send our love Liz and Mick xx

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