Aunt Frances

Sixteen years ago I became an aunt when my eldest sister had her first child. I can’t believe that my sister has a kid old enough to drive! Wow! I’m sure it’s more of a shock to that sister, especially as she is still convinced that she’s only 29. (But for those who enjoy a bit of math, I am 36; she’s four years older than me.)

Anyhow, since that first niece entered the world on March 16, 1994, I’ve added several more nieces and nephews to the ranks and am now a proud aunt to 17 nieces and nephews – and one great nephew! (In fairness, nearly half of those are related by marriage.)

This number doesn’t include my little niece who walks with Jesus nor does it include the many kids who call me Aunt Frances – that number would see a Woman Marine added to the ranks, as well as another great niece, and more! (And just because JohnnyO calls me Aunt Frannie doesn’t mean I count him in any of those numbers…)

One of the best things about being an aunt is that several of my nieces and nephews really look up to me and really want to grow up to be like me. (One of my nieces calls me Aunt Awesome! How cool is that?) But better than having those kids look at me as a role model is the knowledge that some of their parents hate that fact.

I wonder if some of them want to be like me just because they know how much it makes their parents cringe…

Happy birthday to my lovely niece, Vg!

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