Choo-choo to Abbotsford

Today was opening day for the new Borders Railway between Edinburgh and Tweedbank. And as I am a bit of a train buff who enjoys being “first” to try new things, it made sense that I should make the journey. So that’s exactly what I did today: I rode the rails between Edinburgh and Tweedbank. Along with all the other train geeks in Scotland!

When I got to Edinburgh Waverley, I enjoyed the celebratory atmosphere and signage – happily standing in the queue for the train. (I was fourth in the queue. Yeah. Geek!) When it came time to board, we were escorted to the platform and given opportunities to take photos of the lovely train carriages. Then I boarded the 12.11 train with a massive smile on my face.

The journey took about an hour. And at each stop along the way, you could see the cheerful faces of people jumping on and off the train, as well as the smiles from those who were just watching it all happen. After all, it’s been nearly 50 years since the line closed down, so this re-opening is a wonderful thing!

Once I arrived at the end of the line in Tweedbank, the celebratory atmosphere was even more evident than that in Edinburgh. People were so excited to have this amazing rail link available to them – and they were embracing the throngs of visitors to their community.

I took the opportunity to do a bit of sightseeing, and made the 1.25-mile walk to Sir Walter Scott’s former home, Abbotsford House. And as luck had it, there was a free gardens tour starting shortly after I got there. After the tour, I wandered around the gardens a bit more before enjoying a visit to the house and chapel.

And then, it was time to make the return journey home. So I hopped on the 16.45 train and made my way back to my beloved Edinburgh.

Yes, it’s been a fantastically wonderful day. But I am absolutely beat now! I’ll have to recover soon though, as I’ll be on a train next weekend again for one of my lovely half marathons! (Yay!!)

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    1. Thanks! I do love to wear my braids!

      It really was a fun day out. I take the train quite often, but this day had a certain excitement to it. And there’s something fun about being able to say I rode the rails on opening day!!

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