I have two old pint-sized honey jars that I fill with coins. It takes a while to fill them up because I don’t use cash too often. In fact, the current coin stash was started on 7 March 2009, meaning it’s taken more than a year to fill both jars. Compare that to my waitressing days when it would take just a couple of weeks to fill a gallon-sized jar!

Anyhow, Paul and I decided long ago that when the jars were full we’d use the money for something fun and silly. Something we didn’t “need” but wanted. On 6 March 2009, we cashed in our coins and used the money to adopt Schrodie. (Which is why we almost called the cat “Spare Change”.)

Well, now the jars are full again and I need to determine how to spend my $64.22 (which doesn’t include a lone Canadian penny, a wheat penny, or the button that were all in the mix). If I spend it on taxable goods, that means I have about $59 to play with. So, what sort of cool things can I get for $59? ($61 if I do my shopping in Idaho, assuming my math is correct.)

I’ll have to think about just what to do with the windfall for a few days. Your suggestions are always welcome so please share any ideas that you have. (Remember though, I’m spending this money on something for me not for you.)

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  1. Check out the vintage clothing stores for purses/hankies. Or, they might even have a really nice vase that you just can’t live without!!

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