Today is International Left-Handers’ Day. Yay! A whole day set aside to celebrate the awesomeness of being a lefty!

So, for my part of the celebration, I’ve made another ridiculous YouTube video. It’s a bit long (nearly eight minutes), but check it out to learn all about my prized left-handed possessions!

Wasn’t that fun? But, moving on…

Some interesting things to ponder:

  • Estimates vary on the percentage of left-handers in the world from a low of 5 percent to a high of 15 percent
  • Left-handers are made with 100% pure awesomeness
  • Left-handers are thought to have a higher likelihood of being dyslexic or of stuttering
  • Most left-handers draw figures facing to the right
  • Twenty percent of all Mensa members are left-handed
  • Left-handers are 100% beautiful
  • As seen from the North Pole, the Earth rotates to the left, counterclockwise, and proceeds to the left around the sun
  • International Left Hander’s Day was first celebrated on August 13, 1976
  • Everyone is born right-handed, and only the greatest overcome it
  • Left-handers are made with 100% pure awesomeness (that fact deserved repeating)

Wanna purchase left-handed things? Here are some great resources to check out*:

Oh, and since it’s my blog, I have to shout out to some of my favourite lefties!

  • My Daddy, who taught me how to use my correct hand;
  • My bestest friend, Rachel;
  • My really cool nephew, Adrian;
  • My really cool nephew, Stephen;
  • My maternal uncles Fred and Joe;
  • And my favourite lefty ever, my amazingly awesome husband, Paul, who loved how excited I got about this day every year!
  • (Oh, and a special mention to Ned Flanders and Kermit, too!)

So, again, Happy International Left-Handers’ Day!!

* I am merely providing links and cannot offer an endorsement on any of these outlets. I’ve never used them; I don’t receive any benefits from you using them. These were all found by searching the terms “left-handed products” on Google.

6 Replies to “Correct-handed”

  1. I own a pair of nail scissors that is decidedly right-handed. Not only as a pair of scissors is, but the blades are also curved so there really is no way to use in the left-hand. I’m confused as to why it did not come with a second pair of left-handed nail scissors. Or are you not supposed to cut your fingernails with nail scissors? :-/

    1. My nail scissors are the same! Instead of trimming my nails I just use a very rough nail file to get them to the right length then a finer file to smooth the edges.
      I have seen some nail clippers that have little files that can be used left- or right-handed, but they’re just too awkward to me!
      (It’s a conspiracy! I just know it!)

  2. both my wee guy and my husband are lefty, so i’m in the minority.
    however, we have no lefty implements in the house. my husband was ‘encouraged’ to use his right hand for implement-wielding tasks, and my wee guy switches the implement around in his left hand until it is being used right handed (yes, it’s difficult to explain without seeing).
    yay lefty folks

    1. I love seeing how left-handed kids manage to make tools work for them! In the modern world, I feel that kids are encouraged to use the hand that’s most comfortable for them, so you see more and more of it.
      That said, I’ve seen a lot of people forcing their left-leaning kids to use their right hands. It’s sad.
      At the very least, you’ll have to get your men a left-handed hammer. Just so that they have something!
      But really, if I were to make one recommendation for ANY left-handed child it would be to get them special left-handed scissors because if they do a lot of arts and crafts, it really is quite painful to use righty ones.

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