Craigmillar castle; finally

It’s been more than 12 years since I first arrived in Edinburgh, and I’ve only now taken the time to visit the city’s second castle. I’m disappointed in myself for taking so long to see it, but I am pleased that the day’s weather was so enjoyable.

Craigmillar Castle has long been on my list of things to do “one day”, and I’ve even gone so far as to make non-committal plans to see it. Even more so when an old friend from high school mentioned that her family may have been descendants of the Preston Family who built the original tower house in the 1400s. So, I promised my friend I would visit it on her behalf and that I would share loads of photos when I did.

Sadly, that friend passed away this autumn so I never got the opportunity to share photos with her. But I thought of her as I toured the grounds – especially when I saw the Preston Family Coat of Arms and the p-shaped fish pond in the south gardens. I like to think that my friend was there with me today, looking down from the bright blue skies.

I suppose that today’s belated tour of the castle reminded me that life is short and we need to take the time to do things, rather than put them off for later. After all, if I’d have gone to Craigmillar all of those times I’d planned to do it before, I could have shared these photos with the lovely Celeste Preston (well, that was her maiden name at least). And she would have loved it so much.

So, I’m sorry that I’m so late, Celeste, but here are the photos I promised you!

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