Cutting out the middles

So I’m working on a new design project for my parents. Just a little something that will make Mum smile – and me. (Likely others in the family, too, but I can’t be sure yet.)

Anyhow, part one is underway: Photoshopping a photo of me and my sister, Celeste. Together, we share the “middle child” position in our family. We also share a birth month, but not a birthday, as I was born two years and six days before her. I know this is all more information than you needed, but I felt it was warranted to explain the silly title of this post. But I digress…

It’s a bit tedious because I have to cut out the two of us from a busy airport scene – and I have to do it without trimming too much off of our shoes and hair. It’s hard, especially since I’m self-taught on the software.

But this is where I am so far. Now I just need to clean up the edges a bit and figure out what the background will be. (No, it won’t be green.)

There is a lot more work to be done and I don’t know when it will get finished, but I’ll be sure to share the finished design when it’s complete!

Happy Friday!

6 Replies to “Cutting out the middles”

  1. Wow, it looks pretty damn good to me already. You are very talented. Remind me to ask you to airbrush and photoshop my holiday snaps!!

    1. Ah, thanks! Though I’ve seen your photos and they don’t need to be ‘shopped or airbrushed! But, if you want a blue hat instead of a red one, we can do that!

    2. I’d say you are doing really good if you haven’t done it much before. Whatever you are doing, I’m sure it will turn out great and that your mom will love it.
      I’m actually working on a similar project myself for my ex’s family. I like working on it, but it’s just a bad time. But it’s not like I could have asked his grandmother to wait to pass away because my dog was sick and dying. But I am ready for it to be done so I can properly mourn them both and move on. I’ve also recently had a sad realization about my health and abilities (or lack thereof) after seeing a new specialist. I wanted him to evaluate some symptoms that crept back up out of the blue. They were the same ones I had experienced right before my brain tumor was discovered. They returned just when I thought I had my autoimmune disease under control and was considering returning back to work. Unfortunately, I’ve learned that these symptoms are a part of me now and will not be leaving this time. The brain cells around where the tumor was pressing died and I have a fairly large hole in my brain. I don’t know why it had to be in the part of my brain that controlled what I did well. So, now I have to let yet another life plan go and drag out my plan B (so I guess that makes it more like K or L at this point). Who knows, it might be a blessing in disguise. I’m trying to keep my hopes up!

      1. Oh Sharon! I am so sorry to hear you’re still having troubles–worse, that some of the symptoms may never go away. I know it must be a struggle, but knowing that you’re trying to keep positive (which is probably difficult at times!) is uplifting. And you’re right–you may have to drag out plan B. Or C, D, E, F, or G. But at least you’re digging out new plans instead of dwelling on the fact that plan A wasn’t what you thought it would be.
        You’re always in my thoughts!!

  2. First of all excellent job on the photoshopping! I kind of like the green background LOL. Secondly, I also am sorry to hear the news you received Sharon. I am however, greatful for FB and this blog for reconnecting the two of you, as you’re both on plan # and I know you will be a great strength for each other! <3
    Don't forget your other friends are here for you too 🙂

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