Designing woman

A while back, I decided that I wanted to purchase a new ring for myself. Something special; something that had a bit of meaning to me. I had a rough idea of what I wanted then started to do some looking around. My rough idea led me down several paths which took me through several changes from what I thought I wanted.

I’ve been sketching and clipping photos from catalogues to patch something together for a while. And now I know exactly what I want. (Well, mostly.)

But the problem is that no one seems to sell the ring I’ve imagined for myself.

Of course, I can’t accept that as an answer. And so now I am taking my design and searching for someone who can make it happen. This is looking a bit difficult, too, because no one local seems to work with the materials I want – and no one local seems to have all the right skills and tools needed.

Yesterday I allowed myself to consider a temporary ring whilst I continued the search, but I can’t bring myself to do that. And so I’ll keep searching and searching for the solution. After all, I want what I want. And I’m willing to wait for it.

Ultimately, I may need to head into the city to find a jeweller with the skills to make what I want. Or give up on getting what I want. But that will never happen. I’m stubborn. I always get what I want. (Even if I later decide I didn’t want it after all.)

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