Digging holes with Roslin Community Garden

I spent a bit of time today digging random holes, and I am looking forward to more digging in the future! Although, whilst the holes were random, the purpose was intentional!

You see, I have volunteered to join the newly formed Roslin Community Garden and today was the first activity at the Rosslyn Bowling Club. There is an L-shaped strip of land at the front of the club that needs re-planting and the RCG has secured a bit of funding to help buy trees and shrubs.

Today’s (socially distanced) activity was an opportunity for everyone to meet and to investigate the planting zone a bit. We were digging holes to figure out the state of the ground to see if suitable for a native hedge and pollinating plants. The results: There are some stones and rubble in the ground, but overall, it seems to be in a good state.

Most of the work will take place in the autumn when we recruit as many volunteers as we can to turn ground into a plant-able site. In the meantime, we will work to find different areas of the village that we can do small plantings in (possibly with containers). We will also be seeking grants and funding – and a site for the full community garden to be planted.

I am really looking forward to working with the group, especially as I continue to step back into society after such an extended period of isolation. One of the tasks I have volunteered for is building and managing a website for the group (I will add a link when I’m done). I figure that’s something I can do even if I get sick and am on rest orders. Although I am hoping to be able to get my hands dirty!

As a group, we welcome anyone interested in organic gardening, looking after nature and the soil, and avoiding using pesticides – whether an expert or a complete novice. You can visit the Facebook group or contact me for more information.

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