For the love of books

On Monday, I became the proud owner of a National Library of Scotland membership card. It was one of life’s enjoyable moments and brought me the same elation I recall from my first-ever library card for the Carpenter Memorial Library in my hometown many, many years ago.

I realise that such a love for library cards may seem strange to some people, but for me, that little card is access to greater things. A library card allows me to soak up information; to breathe in knowledge; to bask in the glory of the written word. It also allows me a peaceful corner to sit in, surrounded by others who share my passion for books. (Or at least surrounded by people who are begrudgingly gathering information for their own needs and desires.)

The problem with having access to such a heavenly place, of course, is that I find myself lost from the realities of time. Much like when I was a child, I’ve managed to spend much more time than intended at the library. (Of course, unlike when I was a child, I don’t have to worry about being in trouble for getting home late!)

Yes, on Monday I’d planned to come into the library for a couple of hours to find my way around, then I was going to head to my office for a couple of hours. But I couldn’t drag myself away.

And now, again, I’ve managed to while away the day reading books at the library, without leaving myself time to get over to my office.

It’s not that I’ve not been working. In fact, I’ve probably managed more productivity today than I did yesterday when I spent the whole day in my office. It’s just that I’ve managed to lose track of time. And that means that I didn’t do any of my day’s work in my office as I’d planned.

Of course, I’m also realising that I’ve spent all of these (wonderful!) hours in this (amazing!) library but I’ve yet to go into the special exhibits room to see what they’ve got on display. So now I’m starting to think that I might have to make a trip into the city over the weekend just to do that. And whilst I’m there, maybe I’ll just pop up to the library’s reading room and soak up some more knowledge. It can’t hurt, right?

[Image was taken in April 2012 when I was at the John Rylands University Library in Manchester. Oh, what a wonderful day that was!]

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