Gone fishin’

Back in July, I was inspired by fish. It started as a general rambling, then turned to an actual plan for fishing on Labor Day Weekend. It was going to be great! Some friends from high school and I were all going to meet at our childhood fishin’ ponds and re-live our glory days. Soon, the fishing expedition grew as my friends planned to bring their kids. So I decided to bring my niece and nephew. And it was going to be fun.

Then I took a foster care placement and wondered if a fishing trip would still work. And I decided it would. So she was going to come, too. Then my friends all cancelled! So instead of being a fishing trip to remember my childhood, it became a fishing trip to build memories in the present-day childhoods of three amazing kids. (And memories for me and whilst I’m not a kid, I am pretty childish sometimes.)

Anyhow, we had a blast. Three fish were caught; none big enough for eating. One got tossed back; two became bait.

I forgot how fun fishing was. I may have to go again before all my new tackle rusts…

And look! Fun things for you!

Such as this little video my niece made. I didn’t realise what she was doing at first, but it’s pretty good so I’m sharing it with you!

And, of course, a photo gallery from the day’s fun!

Hope you’ve all had a great Labor Day Weekend.

2 Replies to “Gone fishin’”

  1. Fabulous. What a fantastic video clip. Aunt Awesome better watch out for her YouTube channel, looks like she’s got competition!

    1. She is thinking about starting her own YouTube channel. I don’t know what she’d do on it, but I’m sure it will be a hoot! I’ll share a link if she does it!

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