Gorillas and cheese

A post about gorillas and cheese? Did I mean grilled cheese? Have I gone mad? Well, yes, no, and probably would be the answers there.

So, why am I talking about gorillas and cheese then? Well, because as a blogger I like to use headlines that make people smile. Funny and punny; interesting and intriguing; relevant and informational. Rarely will I use some random, un-connected post title, because the title should be part of the story. And, if it doesn’t lead back to the story, it’s just a waste of words.

I bet you’re really dying to know how gorillas and cheese fits in with this post now, aren’t you?! So let me tell you more about this gorillas and cheese nonsense. (Here’s a hint: It’s not about gorillas or cheese, it’s about email.)

Generally when I write emails, I want the subject line to be informational. If I want a recipe from my mom, the subject might be “Navy Bean Soup Recipe?” or if I need to send travel details to dad, the subject line might be “Travel itinerary; Dec 2011” or if I’m sending an email to my entire family to let them know I’ve arrived in Scotland, the subject line might be “Greetings from Sunny Scotland”.

But what about those back-and-forth emails with friends? You know, the ones where the emails are like modern-day letter-writing. I mean, “Hi” and “Hello” are kind of boring subject lines.

And this is where I get to have a bit of fun. I figure subject lines are kind of like starting off with a joke.

Sometimes, I like to find a funny way to tie in the main message (Sean Connery is [not] gay) but other times, I like to use something completely and totally random (The coconut milk made me do it). And other times, I like to open with a compliment (You have a beautiful smile).

My favourite subject lines are ones that make me smile. I got one from a friend a while back titled “My big toe is my second toe”. The main email had nothing to do with toes, but there was a post script that explained that he was trying to out-do me in weird subject lines. I laughed. And I also realised that I don’t send as many emails as I used to and that I should fix that.

And if I were to start a list of fun subject lines for future emails, it would include the following:

  • Do you pack your lunch or take the bus to school?
  • Is this the party to whom I am speaking?
  • Elephants eat bananas
  • Polka dots cure curiosity: Read the story here!
  • One million, four hundred thousand, nine hundred, thirty & 12/100

How about you? Any random email subject lines that you’ve used or received or now want to create? After all, email should be fun!

(Funny, I’m now thinking that I want a grilled cheese sandwich for dinner.)

[The post image is of Salvador Dali’s The Persistence of Memory and is displayed here under the Fair Use Doctrine.]

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