Holey-sock monkey

I love my knee-high stripey socks and was a bit sad when I wore a hole through the toe of one of them over the summer. But I decided that maybe I’d make a sock monkey with them. So I put the socks aside for my future crafting project.

Fast forward to the start of the New Year when I decided that I would work harder at doing things for myself all year. This means that I finally got around to making my sock monkey.

I have never done anything like this in the past so I consulted Google for inspiration. I found several how-to guides and took a bit of inspiration from them, but in the end, I used a pattern from Craft Passion for my main guide. (Although I didn’t follow it to a T.)

It was really fun teaching myself how to make a sock monkey, but I realised that I need to teach myself some basic stitches for the next time, too, since mine ended up a bit, um, unprofessional looking.

And what will I do with my sock monkey now that it’s done? Well, I’m going to send it to a friend because she needs some smiles. And what better way to smile than to laugh at how bad of a seamstress your friend is?

(Yes, I am sending my old socks to a friend. Is that weird?)

I’m kind of hoping I wear holes in another pair of socks now so that I can make another monkey!

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