It’s a party for your head

In honour of the lovely Flik’s 13th birthday tomorrow, I am holding a party for my head* this evening. Oh yes, I am! And I dared – or rather, double-dog dared – the young (er, I mean, nearly-adult) Flik to do the same.

Flik and her friends, being good sports and loving a good party, took the dare. (It should be noted that Flik doesn’t like to wear her hair any way other than down and in her face. Otherwise, the dare wouldn’t have been needed.)

Happy birthday, Flik! I love ya, luv!

*It is a well-known fact that pigtails are just about as much fun your hair can possibly have. So much fun, in fact, that it’s like a party for your head!

NOTE: After writing this piece I decided to check out one of my favourite word-geek sites and was humoured by the last paragraph on the entry explaining the etymology behind double-dog dare.

3 Replies to “It’s a party for your head”

  1. Ok– Too funny! And as I was sharing this blog post with the party kids, Parker’s friends commented that you are AWESOME!!! (Of course you are… made with 100% Pure Awesomeness!!)
    And that last paragraph is just too funny, in the double-dog dare information!!!!

  2. Love the Piggies on both of you, and too funny that “Flick” is the character in the Christmas Story that gets Triple -dog- darrred. Maybe our Flick’s new hairstyle will stick too.

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