It’s the fuzz, sans fuzz!

I live in a small town of 650 people. The nearest “city” is nine miles down the road with a population of around 1,100. The two municipalities share three police officers between them. When I first moved here I noticed that there was an older cop car that was always parked at the edge of one town or the other, right near the highway where the speed limit changes from 55 to 25 miles per hour through town. And in that old cop car sat a very large stuffed bear wearing a mounty-style hat. Paul and I joked that our local “fuzz” really was a pile of fuzz!

For the past several weeks the car has been parked at the north end of town, just as it was yesterday morning as I drove by on my way to the homeland to see my folks. But instead of a big stuffed bear, there sat a real, honest-to-goodness person! Yes! A cop was sitting in the cop car. And it made me laugh as I wondered how many people have sped past the car “knowing” it was just a stuffed animal all this time. I also wondered how many poor souls the cop would get in his fun little speed trap.

Much to my delight, on my way back into town there sat the cop car – real cop included – once again. This little switch-out makes me smile. But then, I am always certain to slow down when I get to town so don’t run the risk of meeting the fuzz in person!!

Remember folks: Spring means speed traps! Slow down!

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