Jeggings confession

I have a guilty confession to make. When I was on my holidays in the UK, I let my niece convince me that “jeggings” and a trendy shirt looked good on me. The sale price convinced me to make the purchase. But I think I secretly thought I’d never actually wear the new outfit. After all, at 36 years old, I’m certainly too old for such a silly trend – especially since I lived through similar trends in the ’80s and ’90s.

But, today I found myself putting on those skin-tight leggings – made to have the appearance of jeans – and the barely-there top that I bought at the same time. And not only did I put them on, but I went out in public wearing them. (And a coat, so the only thing visible was the lower half of the jeggings.)

The real confession is this: I actually kind of liked them. (::bows head in shame::)

I don’t know that I will wear them again because I felt a little silly in them, but the top will certainly get more use!

2 Replies to “Jeggings confession”

  1. i’m 45y
    i have some jegging-kind of things too
    i wear them out in public (always with something long enough to cover my arse)
    i confess
    PS: you look good in them!

    1. Ah, thanks… I do feel a bit silly wearing them, but I’m getting more comfortable with ‘the look’. So much so that I think I might go buy some more leggings and long tops. (Because I like to keep my arse covered, too!)

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