Joy in an envelope

I go to the post office on my way home almost every day. And each time I put the key in the lock I hold my breath hoping that there will be a letter or parcel for me. You know—something other than a bill. Sadly, it doesn’t happen often, but I still hold out hope.

And today it happened! I got a letter all the way from Canada!

When I saw the brown envelope my first thought was it was a letter from the UK’s HM Revenue & Customs about my tax refund. But then I saw the return address and I knew it was something from a lovely new friend of mine—who is the sister of a lovely friend in Scotland, to boot!

I couldn’t wait to open the letter, but since I’m one of those people who must open things with a clean edge—and me without a pocket knife!—I had to hold the urge to tear it open in the post office lobby. I smiled all the way home. (OK, I’m only ¼ mile from the post office, but I smiled for the ¼ mile!) Once I got home, I excitedly opened the envelope and was so excited to see a hand-written (!!) letter explaining the contents.

The contents, if you wondered—and the impetus for the letter—was a Christmas card and ornament that got forgotten about when I was up over the holidays, as well as a special little preview of the author’s next art exhibit.

But most importantly the envelope contained joy, happiness, and friendship. And precious things such as those are treasures that should be kept nearby at all times!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go re-read my lovely letter…

One Reply to “Joy in an envelope”

  1. So, she finally remembered to post your Christmas card then did she?!
    Seriously, it’s lovely to get parcels/packets through the mail. It’s a good reminder to send a little joy every once in a while and not just rely on electronic communications.
    Postcards from Shetland will be dispatched shortly – probably when i get back to Stirling though!

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