Letters home

As part of February’s letter-writing challenge, I’ve decided that I need to think a little more about who I write to. Obviously, I can write to family and friends, but I want to spread the joy a little further afield.

So I started to think about all of the people who’ve impacted my life. Teachers, mentors, co-workers, and more. And that got me thinking about places.

And do you know what? I realised that I can write to some of the places that impacted my life just as easy as I can write to the people.

Which is what I did this evening. I wrote to a house that impacted my life. But not just any house, the one I wrote to was the house that saw me start kindergarten; the house where I lived when I received First Holy Communion; the house that I lived in when I first dreamt of being a writer living “in Europe or Paris” when I grew up.

Actually, I guess I wrote to the people living in the house. But that’s close enough.

I shared with them a couple of memories I had of playing there as a young girl and then I shared a quick overview of my life today. I told them I was happy there and that I have so many happy memories of the place I once called home.

I’ve always wondered about the people who’ve lived in a place before me, so maybe they’ve wondered, too.

I don’t know who lives there now, but I like to imagine they’re happy and that they’re creating their own memories.

There are still many letters to write, so if you’d like to suggest someone for me to write to give me a shout! (If you want to give me an address to write to, please send it to me privately on my contact page.)

And don’t forget about the challenge I gave you! Get writing!! 

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