The last couple of nights have been rather fun for me as I’ve started to gear up for life as an unemployed bum. And part of that life – I hope – will include a bit of freelance writing and communications work.

So, I’m getting ready to create a website to hawk my wares, which means a logo. And at the same time, I’m working on a couple of projects for other people – again, website and logo stuff. My creative juices are flowing and I’m having a blast.

But I can’t actually share my work with you yet, which is why you only get to see my pen-and-pencil-obscured doodles and sketches. Though I’ve included a pretty swirl drawing for you, too. You know, because I know how much you love my swirls.*

Gosh, I wish I could tell you more about it all, but I can’t do that just yet. But stick around for the big unveiling once that unemployed status officially kicks in this summer!

* I’m sorry if you’re sick of swirls. But I enjoy them and they make me happy and so I will keep creating them. But I won’t share all of them here. Oh! And someone asked me about getting a journal with a swirl drawing. So I’m looking into that. Just Frances branded swirl journals and sketchbooks? Sure… Why not?

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