Lost and found

I had a meeting in town today, and on the way back to my office I managed to get a little lost when I took the wrong path through The Meadows. I didn’t realise it until I emerged at the main road and the crossing was different than what I’d expected.

I was familiar with the area and knew vaguely where I was, but I wasn’t quite certain which of the winding roads to take to get me back to my office. But the weather was nice and my spirits were high, so I took it as an opportunity to enjoy a nice walk.

In time, I turned a corner onto a road that I knew would connect me to the path I needed. And that’s when I noticed a wee charity shop with a lovely skirt displayed in the window. And regular Just Frances readers will know I really love charity shops!

So I walked in to get a closer look. And about 10 minutes later, I walked out with a new (used) skirt and jumper (US: sweater). 

The skirt is a lovely black and white floral print that falls just below my knees. There are even some little darts of black lace connecting the panels. It’s a Topshop size 8 (US: 4) and similar skirts sell for around £30 on their website. I got this for £5.

The jumper is a short-sleeved bluish-teal number that will sit nicely over the waistband of this skirt or some of my others. It’s really soft material with a bit of a stretch to it. There are absolutely no tags inside so I don’t know what it’s made of or where it’s from. But with a price tag of £4.95, I know it was a good deal!

And there you have it. I got a bit lost and had to take the scenic route to my office, but I found a lovely new outfit in the process. That’s £9.95 (US: $15) well-spent!

Oh! And the extra walking and time in the shop only added about 15 minutes to my journey. Not bad at all!

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