Memory sparks

Triboluminescence is awesome! It used to entertain me as a child and it still entertains me as an adult. Or, to translate into Plain English: It’s awesome when you crunch on a Wint-O-Green Life Savers and it makes sparks!

That sounds like a random statement, doesn’t it? So let me back up so that you know how I got here.

Several weeks ago I bought a pack of minty Polos from a vending machine. As I popped the first one into my mouth, I was instantly reminded of how we used to enjoy WoG Life Savers as children because of the sparks.

So I posted my random memory on Facebook and enjoyed the back-and-forth comments from friends who (1) always thought it was an urban myth; (2) recalled with joy making sparks of their own; or (3) asked what Life Savers were (they’re America’s answer to Polos).

And then Mum offered to send me some.

And they arrived with an Easter parcel a few weeks ago.

And tonight, I finally broke the bag open.

And I went into the bathroom and closed the door (with the lights off).

And I chomped on a Life Savers.

And I smiled. A lot.

Now the challenge will be to not eat them all so that I can share them with my friends who never had the joy of making Life Saver sparks as children. But I bet they’ll enjoy making them as grownups!

How about you? Do you remember making Life Savers sparks when you were a kid?

3 Replies to “Memory sparks”

  1. I think it was your “Ant” Elizabeth who mentioned eating them in bed and watching the sparks in the darkness. I’m glad that you have enjoyed them and I hope you’ll share a few with friends and family over there. We could always get you another bag if necessary. I must admit that I don’t remember ever doing that. I do, however, remember using NECCO wafers and pretending they were communion hosts! (I was just in 1st grade then.)

    1. I don’t think I’ll need another bag–but I promise to share what I do have. Polos are a great substitute for flavour (they don’t spark though) and I’d rather have sweeties sent over that there aren’t substitutes for!
      As to Communion Hosts, I remember practising with saltines in the weeks leading up to my First Communion. We took turns playing First Communion-er and Priest. But even with all that practice, I was really nervous the day of. I was afraid I would drop my wafer or forget to say Amen. (I think I did OK though.)

  2. Both you and Claudia were lucky to have your First Communion at Mission San Luis Rey. I loved that they treated the entire process as a family feast and made it simple for the kids to understand. I think we used bread chunks as a substitute when Claudia’s class practiced. And we all sat around a large table for the “feast”.

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