My garden

For the last two weekends, I’ve been working in my garden trying to get it all pretty for the summer. Last weekend was my initial attack, pulling all of the things that I knew were weeds and trying to determine what was in each of the many pots scattered around the patio-style garden.

And after work most of the week, I worked away a little more: pulling weeds, organising pots for re-planting or ditching, and arranging odds-and-sods under the stairs to make more space.

Then yesterday, the real work began. (Well, after I finished playing with snails.)

I spent all day yesterday and today removing each plant from its root-bound pot, then carefully re-potting them with freshly aerated soil and hacking away at a few bushes and plants around the edge of the garden.

And when I was finished, I swept the patio, moved the broken and empty pots to the side, and placed my newly potted plants along the steps leading to my front door. I even turned some of the empty pots upside-down as stands to give a bit of varying height to my plants.

It’s not finished yet, but I am pleased to say that my little garden is starting to feel like mine.

This week I will try to find some flowers to plant in the empty pots and little baskets along the fence. And I might even pick up some lovely solar-powered fairy lights to string along the hedge. (The hedge that the neighbour has insisted on trimming for me!)

And if the weather keeps up like this, I’ll be spending my evenings outside. Yay!

2 Replies to “My garden”

  1. Your garden is lovely. I spent the day in my garden today-pulling millions of weeds, moving dirt, moving plants, pulling more weeds, pruning, more weeding, raking and weeding. Tomorrow I am hoping for help from the boys to put nets over the blueberry patch. The robins are having a hay day, and they aren’t even ripe yet. If I don’t get them covered, I won’t get a crop at all. Also hope to plant my new asian pear tree and get a fence around it to keep the deer from killing it. Lots to do, but I finally have the energy to do it! Yay!

    1. It’s really been thriving the last couple of weeks, too. We don’t have the weather for tomatoes and such here (too much work to grow them) so I’m just sticking with flowers and herbs. One day it would be nice to have a garden large enough for a greenhouse so that I can grow vegetables though.

      Glad that you’ve got energy for gardening again – must be greats to be back at it! xx

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