New digs

Today is moving day! Which means I’m kind of busy. This means just a short post to share a video tour of the new digs. I had meant to do that last night since I did a walkthrough of the place after work yesterday, but video editing issues meant that I didn’t get around to it. Video editing issues also mean that you don’t get a tour of the master bedroom, but I figured that’s OK since that’s my personal space.

But, I have to go haul stuff down to the car now. Talk to you soon!

13 Replies to “New digs”

  1. Its lovely Frances, Cant wait to come and stay some time in you guest room. I laugh at your closet with not enough clothes to fill it, steve would have anightmare with nowhere to put his clothes!!!!! Goos luck with the move xxxx
    Deb and Steve xdeb

  2. What a beautiful space and lots of great details.My favorite thing from the video – you don’t have nearly enough to fill the closet… i say YET!!

    1. The closet in the last place was 1/4 the size, and I never managed to fill it, either! That said, if I use the shelving for my vintage handbag collection, I can probably fill it with ease!

  3. You will have so much fun decorating your new space! I can hardly wait to break in your new guest room! And we’ll research those plants when I get there, too.

  4. Seriously so awesome! The outside of the building is to die for. Could it possibly be anymore quaint and (what I imagine to be) quintessential Scotland? I’m an super happy for you and what a great thing to NOT have passed up. I imagine lots of happiness and shopping trips to fill up that closet! 🙂

  5. Well my speakers are out so I watched the silent tour of your new digs. I have to say, it is fabulous! Lots of great little details, especially the fireplace and those gorgeous windows in the living room. The outside is just so beautiful, too. What a lovely place to come home to every night. I’m very happy for you!

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