Normal kidneys

I had my annual kidney check-up a couple of days ago to see how Bob and Dave are coping with their inherited polycystic kidney disease. And I am very pleased to say that my kidneys are working well. As I’ve said before, I am always a bit nervous when I go for these check-ups because I know that it won’t be like this forever; I know that one day I will be told Bob and Dave are too unwell to keep the rest of me well.

For now, however, my kidneys seem to be functioning as a “normal” person’s would and my blood pressure is spot-on normal, too. And I revel in those facts because there is not much about me that could be considered normal! (Right down to having kidney disease but no problems with my kidneys!)

Of course, it’s an even bigger celebration as it comes at a time when I’ve been feeling extremely unwell and my other disease is acting up a bit because of it.

I know that Bob and Dave are still growing a bit and that they will likely continue to do so. And I know that the cysts that live on them are probably growing and multiplying, too. In fact, I will be able to see just how big everything’s getting soon as I have been told an MRI is to measure things. (Yay!?)

Anyhow, there’s not much more to say about my kidneys just now. But I did want to share the news. And, for the record, I am starting to feel a bit more energised from having fallen ill a few weeks ago. So much so that later today I will be enjoying a nice stroll through the botanic gardens, which means more pictures later today!

2 Replies to “Normal kidneys”

  1. An MRI? Surprising. My cysts were measured using ultrasound. Ah well, each doctor has his/her preferred tests.

    I am very happy to hear that Bob and Dave are doing their job well. They seem to be more on track with my own pair than with others in the family. And I hope they stay that way.

    Enjoy your stroll through the botanic gardens. I’ll be checking out our daffodils and mint plants. Oh! And the skunk cabbage is blooming along I-90 heading to the pass! Signs of spring.

    1. Yeah, an MRI. I thought it was an odd choice of imaging tools, but that’s what was said. It’s not been scheduled yet though. Hopefully, Bob and Dave keep going as they are … I have too much on my plate right now to worry about those two acting up!! 🙂

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