Potentially home

Earlier today I mentioned that there was some good news in my search for a flat and I have been asked by a couple of friends over the past few days about my progress, so here’s the update: I think I’ve found a new flat!

I checked out a place Monday morning that is very near where I’m staying now and is only about a ten minutes’ walk to the city centre. It is £25 more per month and slightly smaller than my second choice flat, but choice #2 is five minutes further from the centre, is a bit rough around the edges, sits just off a main road, and has a very dingy, small kitchen that would be horrendous to cook in. Choice #1 is modern and clean with a very well-fitted (though still small) kitchen. There isn’t as much storage, but realistically I don’t need that much storage anyhow!

The flat is a fully furnished property (with very well maintained and nice furnishings) and has a double bedroom with wardrobe, living room, separate kitchen, and full bathroom—in addition to two small storage cupboards in the entry hall. (Is this sounding like a sales pitch yet?) It also has a reserved parking spot for me (despite my not having a car) and plenty of guest parking (despite the fact that I don’t plan to have many guests). And, carrying on with the pitch, it has a security entrance, gas central heating, and double glazing throughout.

The down side? Well, it’s small—at least when compared to the massive four bedroom family home I left behind in the states. And it’s at the top end of my budget which means I’ll have to be a bit more mindful of my pennies. Oh, and it’s on the top floor of a four storey building with no lift. Which isn’t a problem for me since I’m fairly fit, but I don’t think Mom is going to like it when she comes to visit!

Of course, it’s not mine yet. As of now, I’ve said I want it and the agent has sent me a letter outlining the next steps. So, the next step is for me to pay a deposit then they’ll issue the contracts. After that, I just have to wait until the end of October to move in. That’s going to be the hard part—waiting for more than a month to move in after having found something I love!

So there you have it—an update on my potential new home. I know that things can change in between now and my moving, but I do feel quite comfortable with the process so far. Oh! And my connections tell me that the letting agent for this property is probably one of the most reputable ones in town, which is encouraging! (I will give a full rave once I move in, of course!)

I wonder how soon I can start planning my flat warming party … ?

4 Replies to “Potentially home”

  1. ok, for us small town Americans, what does a double bedroom mean (Master bedroom) and what is double glazing(double pane windows)mean?
    the () are of course what I imagine it means…
    Hope all goes well with the paperwork & all~

    1. Ah, yes! I sometimes forget that I’m bilingual and that not everyone knows what I’m talking about!
      So, a double room is a room that will fit a double bed (or larger I suppose). You’d generally see an advert for something with ‘two double rooms and a single room’ to indicate two decent-sized rooms and a smaller one that will really only fit a single (twin) bed.
      Double glazing is a double pane window. You get places with modern double glazing (nice!) or places that have been retrofitted with what we’d call a storm window in some cases.
      Because this is a new build property, it has good windows and seems rather well insulated. Also, because it’s on the top floor, I’ll get the heat from everyone else so I won’t have to have my units on as much!

  2. So pleased that you’ve found somewhere to call home in Stirling, but I’ll be sad to lose my roomie! Particularly since she cooks and cleans so willingly 😉
    I guess I’ll just have to come round to visit – which will be easy since your new home is right next door (almost) to my work!
    And you are, of course, welcome to come round and watch Dr Who whenever you want – and Strictly too!!

    1. You will always be welcome in my home–after all, coming from such a large family I always cook too much food. And as there’s no freezer space I’ll need help eating it all!
      And I’ll be ’round to yours, too. I mean, you have Martini glasses and I don’t!

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