Redneck? Yes.

I spent yesterday truly remembering my childhood and the joys of growing up redneck. And it was great. Well, except for the literal red neck that I developed from the blazing hot sun!

You see, my bestest friend in the whole wide world – ever – came up to visit from Portland. And her sister drove up from Ellensburg. And we loaded up the loaner Jag to head up to the lake. (Because we really do go and hang out at the lake a lot around here.)

Of course, we weren’t the only ones at the lake. No, one of my friends invited a couple of her friends and then there were loads of “locals” up there, too. Several of whom I spoke with as I’d not seen them in ages. (Some of whom I avoided because I haven’t seen them in ages and don’t want to see them!)

And whilst we stood around in the lake visiting, I noticed the line of pickup trucks along the shore (most of which, including ours, were blasting country or classic rock from their cabs) and realised how very odd this scene must be to “outsiders”. In fact, I know that my late husband always found our small town redneck ways rather peculiar! (But he mostly enjoyed them.)

But it was good fun. Even though I got a bit (a lot!) sunburned. And even though I feel slightly hungover today, despite being teetotal yesterday. (I think it was the sun and lack of sleep that did it for me.)

Oh! And after a day of fun and sun at the lake, we headed to Ellensburg to watch the Rodeo City Rollergirls in a roller derby bout. It was a first for all of us, and whilst we were sceptical about it at first, it was pretty gosh-darn fun and we (well, most of us) have decided we’d totally do it again. Just further proof of our redneck roots!

I suppose I’ll have to treat my skin with some cooling lotion for a few days as the little redneck neck of mine heals up from the red of the sunburn!

Oh! Here’s a bit of an update: I submitted my ATAS application today so I now just have to wait. And whilst I wait, I will spend some more time with my family. I need to get in touch with Ant Elizabeth and Uncle Fred to start planning trips to see both of them. Then there’s Uncle Mike and Aunt Stephanie and my sisters and more nieces and nephews and friends and, oh my… this could go on forever!

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