Shopping failure

I have an affinity for handbags. Mostly vintage bags that have a unique character and flair to them, but I also enjoy modern-day bags when they are a little different from the everyday look. I also tend to be a little cheap and hate to part with my money. Of course, Paul always said I should spoil myself and would remind me over and over again that “we can afford it” when I saw something I liked but couldn’t quite bring myself to buy it. I have been getting a little better at spending money on myself, and while I almost always feel guilty for doing so, I’m starting to feel less guilty with a bit of practice.

While at Macy*s a couple of weeks ago, I saw a fantastic handbag that matched the lovely Barbour jacket my nephew and his fiancée bought for me when I was in England back in December and I really wanted it. But at nearly $100 I just walked away. But I couldn’t get the bag out of my mind and actually went back to admire it a couple of times.

So, last weekend I took my mom shopping intending to buy a new handbag that was similar, but considerably less expensive. I looked at Target. I looked at JCPenny. I looked at several little shops in the mall. But no one had just what I was looking for.

When we finally got to Macy*s, there was the bag I’d been admiring. I picked it up and caressed the soft leather, and wondered just how good the Presidents’ Day sales were. Could they be so fantastic that they would bring my dream bag into my dream budget? I sat there (literally, as we were right next to the shoe department where the chairs are) and did the math. In fact, I did the math a couple of times because I wasn’t certain I’d done it correctly to begin with. With my final attempt at percentages (and rounding up so that I knew it would be even less when I got to the till), I knew I was getting a good deal and went in search of someone to pay.

Now I have this fantastic new bag; a bag that I really wanted and that I could take on my holidays to the UK next week. And because you really need to break in a new bag just like new shoes (which I hate shopping for, by the way) I started using the bag yesterday.

When I woke up this morning it was raining. Not sprinkling, raining. It’s less than 10 feet from the kitchen door to my car door, but I was still wet by the time I got there. That’s the sort of rain I’m talking about.

(Slowly getting to the point…)

I drive to work, park the car, and start walking to my office. The whole time I’m walking, I’m realising my nice, expensive (OK, I got it cheap, but still) bag was getting rained on. When I got to the office there were visible dark spots on the leather and I wondered if they’d become permanent marks (they didn’t). And the point is this: What the heck was I thinking buying a nice leather bag to take on a two week holiday to England and Scotland, in the winter, when I know it’s going to be wet and rainy the whole time?

Yep, I’ve always said I’m bad at shopping, and this is proof positive of that. But, I still love the bag so totally worth it!

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