Spectacular jousting

Oh, what a wonderful day I’ve had! It was fun! It was exciting! It was filled with laughter! It was, simply, spectacular! Yes, I spent the day in Linlithgow enjoying Historic Scotland’s Spectacular Jousting on the grounds of the palace.

The jousting is a recreation of medieval jousting festivals from the 1300s and whilst I’m sure today’s event wasn’t as violent, it was certainly a great deal of fun for a modern-day gal like me. In addition to the jousting, there were booths and displays set up to allow visitors to see what life was like “back in the day”. From food displays and craft reconstructions, it was certainly a learning experience.

Of course, more important than the learning was the company!

I met with my wee friends from Stirling (and their mum, who had joined me for the concert a few days prior) and we had a blast! These little friends are always happy to see me, and that makes my heart sing with joy. (The kids were luckier than me though because they got to participate in the hobby horse games and the kids’ army. I was apparently too tall for such things.)

When I was there, I bought myself a wee crown to wear. I mean, the kids got armour and wooden swords, so it was only fair that I got to dress up, too!

Anyhow, like my magic story the other day, this one has no real point and is just to get me back in the habit of writing. I’m slowly building up the courage to share a few things with you though, so be prepared for a couple of less-trivial posts to follow. (One day. Maybe.)

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