Swirl research

As you know, I like to swirl. It’s a relaxing pastime and I find it extremely helpful when I need to unwind for a spell.

I’ve been sharing my completed swirls with family and friends on Facebook and I’ve been amazed at how many people tell me that they really like them. In fact, I’ve been amazed at how often it’s been suggested that I try to sell them.

And so, I’ve decided to try that in the form of swirl note cards. This means I’ve prepared a stack of samples to send off to family and friends in the hope of receiving some honest feedback about the quality as well as their thoughts on pricing.

It’s weird because this is the first time I’ve seriously thought about selling something I’ve made. And even weirder because I still can’t understand why everyone likes my swirls so much. I mean, they’re just scribbles that I do when I’m bored or stressed. Still, I like to please my public whenever I can!

What does this mean for you? Well, it means that in the next few weeks you might be able to buy a set of swirl cards from me. But please know that I’m not going to push that on anyone! When they’re ready, I’ll let you know. Buy them; don’t buy them. Totally up to you!

Wow. I feel like a little entrepreneur all of the sudden. (I hope Hallmark is ready for this awesome bit of competition!)

5 Replies to “Swirl research”

    1. I think that, as the carer of Schrodie, I can arrange to send you some cards as soon as I’m up-and-running with production. (So, in a couple of weeks, I hope.) When I have all of my supplies, I’ll pop you an email with colour options!

  1. I have always loved your swirls. They remind me of my doodles of long ago-I used to draw random geometric shapes (math) on a page, then encircle them over and over like contours. I like the swirls better, and you are so good at them! I hope things are going well with you. Schrodie and Bug are awesome little buddies now. So cute and sweet.

  2. Put me in line for some as well. I LOVE your swirls~ AND I love supporting my friend’s adventures..but fair warning, I hope you’re ready for an onslaught of orders when you are ready to “go live” 🙂

    1. Thank you! I am on a swirl break as I finish up my dissertation but I hope to have some cards ready in the next few weeks. I think I might do a Facebook special first, so that I can figure out my PayPal system. With luck, going live will be a success!

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