Swirly tree Ts

Right! Remember how I posted a couple of weeks ago about a project I was working on for His Majesty? Well, I can talk about it now. Yay!

Firstly, His Majesty is my Uncle King. (Uncle Joe to my sisters, but for some reason I started calling him Uncle King as a child and I am his Princess. But I digress.)

We’re having an awesome Eberle family reunion in July and one of the cousins posted something about shirts on Facebook so I offered my design services if they were needed/wanted. As I’m not one of the family elders, I’m not in on the planning, so hadn’t realised that Uncle King was already working on something. But, the cousins mentioned to him that I should be working on them so he asked me to design something.

Of course, by then he’d already come up with a design with the help of his friend. So he sent that to me as a starting place.

This was the starting place:

Now, it’s not that I’m a snob, but this is not a shirt that I would wear. So I tossed together two basic designs for Uncle King to see if he liked them – telling him that it was perfectly OK if he wanted to stick with the one he already had.

These were my first two designs for him:

I was a bit surprised when he seemed to like the tree, and was more than happy to re-do the tree with the family names. Please note that the tree is hand-drawn. (Yes, I have an ego and I’m very pleased with my swirly tree!)

So, this was the next design I sent:

A couple of tweaks later, and this was the final design:

I also created a couple of simple ones, just in case:

Oh, and I used green for the background on my designs because, well, I like green. But the actual shirts will be blue. I know you’re anxious to see photos of all of us Awesome Eberles wearing our shirts at the reunion, so I’ll share those later this summer. Yay!!

7 Replies to “Swirly tree Ts”

  1. Frances…as almost everyone who knows me is aware of, my favorite color is blue. However, after seeing the shirt in green, I have to say “It’s perfect.” Considering that we live in The Evergreen State, green would be such a perfect color for the shirts. Of course, Joseph doesn’t agree with me on that. He’s still sticking to blue and/or yellow.
    Thanks for doing the design. I Love It!!

  2. I love the design…and I agree I like it on green. We need to talk Joe into green.
    The tree idea with the names is awesome. I love to design things too…a talent we share.
    Anxious to see everyone this summer.
    Great job…oh…and an ego is good to have. We need to toot our own horns once in awhile.
    See you this summer.

  3. Thanks everyone!! I’m so pleased that the design is so well received. I’m sure there will be those who would have chosen something else, but with a family our size it would be impossible to please everyone!!
    Can’t wait for July!!

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