Taking stock

I have an alcohol problem. A big, big alcohol problem. But it’s not because I drink too much – it’s because I drink too little!

You see, Paul and I began this amazing booze collection when we got married with the idea that any time we had guests we could offer them a drink and we’d have what they wanted on hand. We had a well-stocked bar indeed! Ouzo, light rum, dark rum, a variety of schnapps, vodka, gin, bourbons, whiskeys, Scotch, mixers… And then there was the wine collection.

Sure, I’ve had a few drinks since Paul died, but I continued to save the “good wines” for special occasions and have just bought mid-range ($25 or less) wines when I fancied a glass. And I’ve bought a bottle of vodka for my Martinis – but I don’t seem to be drinking mixed drinks now that I have a foster kid in the house. Which means that my fancy drinks are just sitting there waiting to be loved.

And now I have loads and loads of booze and there is no way I can drink it all in between now and my departure.

So I took a quick scan through the collection to determine what to do. And I’ve decided that I’m going to start enjoying my fancy wines a bit. I’m not saving that $80 bottle of awesome Washington State wine for a special occasion because I don’t plan to be here long enough for a special occasion. And I’m not going to save my collection of “favourite” Washington reds for a friend’s visit, because I don’t expect any friends to visit.

Please don’t think this means that I’m going to become a raging alcoholic. No, I don’t plan to increase my consumption; I just plan to start consuming the good stuff. And I’m going to start with the best and work my way down the ladder. And how lucky am I that all of my booze and wine is good stuff because I’m a bit of a drinks snob?!

What does all of this mean to you? Well, it means if you want to drink some of my best booze and wine, you’d best come to visit! And if you’re one of the people waiting for me to leave in the hopes of inheriting my stash, just know that you’ll be getting the bottom of my barrel.


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