The clutter shuffle

Today is a snow day on the Palouse and I am well and truly snowed in. School has been cancelled; the roads are unsafe; and the car has yet to be found—though I suspect it’s under that big pile of white fluff.

So I’m going through more clutter. Yay! Actually, I suppose that I’m just re-formatting clutter.

Yep, today’s project is to take all of my old 3.5” floppy disks and transfer them to my external hard drive. I suppose the mature thing to do would be to then throw out the disks. I admit that might be hard, but it must be done.

The real challenge, of course, will be to just transfer the files and not read through all of them. Which will be hard because they represent my entire undergraduate career. Yes, from Eng101 to ASL304 and Com207 to Com475 it’s all there. There are even disks from a few of my early freelance projects and my baby sister’s wedding invitations that I designed more than a decade ago—long before I even had a proper grown-up relationship!

Oh, and for some added fun, there are also a couple of disks with drafts of a book I wrote. One day, I’m going to have to see about getting it published!!

I suppose that when I’m done with this I should move on to transferring the work I have stored on CDs and DVDs. Then I should remember to make a backup of my backup drive! And don’t worry—I always keep that backup drive in a fireproof safe! (No, that’s a lie. I tell myself to do that but I’ve yet to actually go and buy a safe. Though doing so is on my to-do list before my move!)

[Note: I am also attempting to do so real work for my real job, which would be easier if my Internet connection wouldn’t keep going out on me causing me to have to log back in to everything. But I guess that just means tomorrow will be busier than expected. But that can be a good thing!]

2 Replies to “The clutter shuffle”

  1. Do you still have the floppy I gave to you so you could find out what it had on it? I’m still looking for that file of recipes I typed out…you know, the one that disappeared from our computer for some odd reason. And, I found another floppy in our desk drawer. Guess you should check to see if it’s ours or yours!
    Good luck with your transfer. Sounds like a lot of boring work. I hope you and the kid get outside at some point to enjoy the snow day!

    1. I’ve got a couple of your disks–and I know there are a couple more in the shop. I’ll be sure to check for those recipes…
      And don’t worry, the kid is out trying to find the car and the sidewalk for me now. We’ll walk down to the post office later once I’m done replying to the morning’s work email.

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