The flip side

Hey! Guess what! The transfer of Just Frances is complete and I’m now running on a self-hosted platform.

It may not seem like a big deal to you, but there are several reasons why you should care:

  • It means a new subscription system, so if you were once a subscriber you may no longer be one. (Sorry, but you can subscribe using the little box on the right side of this page.)
  • No more ads! That’s right, no more of those annoying ads at the bottom of the posts. (Yay!)
  • I have more flexibility to make upgrades and changes to the site, which means if there’s some great thing you’d like to see on Just Frances, I may be able to implement it now!
  • It saves my $14.95 a year because I don’t have to pay to have the site mapped to
  • The change makes me feel happy, and as a loyal reader you should want me to be happy. (I hope!)

Sadly, the change also means that I lost all of my rating data so the little stars at the top of each story are all empty – even the ones that had previous 5-star “100% Awesome” ratings. But that’s OK because my 100% awesome readers will soon bump my ego, I’m sure!!

Oh, it also means that I will be rolling out a new look for the site soon. And that’s pretty awesome, don’t you think? And here’s a little sneak preview as a reward for reading to the end of the post!

2 Replies to “The flip side”

    1. This was the easy part–and was done with the help of an amazing person! (Details and complete kudos once all upgrades and testing is complete in a couple of weeks.)
      The next part–rolling out the new look–is the hard part because I’m doing that on my own. Yikes! I don’t actually know CSS and HTML so I have to make it up as I go along…
      (But thanks!)

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