Training brews

The annual Scottish Real Ale Festival is taking place in Edinburgh right now so I spent yesterday afternoon there with a couple of friends. We used it as a wee “training session” for next month’s Great British Beer Festival, although I acknowledge that was just our flimsy excuse for drinking beer all afternoon.

To stay level-headed, I stuck with 1/3 pint taster measures. Over the course of the day, I had nine different brews so right around 3 pints. And that means that I had a clear head when I woke up this morning. (Something that never happens after a whisky festival!)

I’m not really a beer blogger, but I’ll go ahead and share my (short and sweet) tasting notes from the day with you anyhow. So, in order of appearance:

Ruby Mild (Freewheelin’ Brewery Co)
I expected this to have a bit of berry hints, as most ruby ales I’ve had do, but was very pleased with the drink regardless. 4.5 stars on Untapped.

Jolly Beggars Amber Ale (Ayr Brewing Company)
A nice, crisp drink with lovely fruit notes. This was one of my top three and is one I’ll seek out again. 4.5 stars on Untapped.

Kaiser (Brewmeister)
I am a fan of wheat beers (Hefeweizen) and really wanted to like this one more, but it was too fizzy for me. Had it not been for that, I’d have loved this and given it 4.5 stars. As it is, I gave it 3.5 stars on Untapped.

Swift APA (Deeside Brewery)
Just the right amount of bitter and a perfect blend of crispness. I enjoyed the hints of fruit in this one, although I was not as taken by it as I expected it to be. 4 stars on Untapped.

Track n’ Field (Harviestoun Brewery)
An excellent, zingy, and peppery drink! It paired well with my burger and was a nice and refreshing brew. Another for my top three list from the day, earning 4 stars on Untapped.

Foxy Blonde (Scottish Borders Brewery)
This was a nice and simple ale, although not as nice as I’d have liked it to be. Crisp and easy to drink, it would make a nice session ale. 3.5 stars on Untapped.

Northern Light (Orkney Brewery)
This was a slightly hoppy drink with a citrus twinge leaving you wanting more. Another easy session brew that I’d be happy to enjoy again! 4 stars on Untapped.

Cascadian Blonde (Tempest)
This was a wonderful bitter ale with a great balance of citrus and floral notes. It was another of my top three from the day earning 4.5 stars on Untapped.

Blathan (Tryst Brewery)
Simple and refreshing with great floral tones, this would be a great session brew on a summer’s evening. 4 stars on Untapped.

And there you have it!

I also took the opportunity to finally sign up as an official member of CAMRA – the Campaign for Real Ale. It’s important to support such important social causes, you know!

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