Vintage smiles

Some of you may know that I am really a big fan of vintage clothing. And that I have slowly been acquiring my Mum’s old wardrobe over the years. From old handbags to jewellery – and even my wedding dress – I’ve enjoyed taking over her vintage rags.

But it’s a challenge because she doesn’t always want to part with stuff. I think part of that is because she fears her other daughters may feel left out if I get all of her old clothes. But as I’m the only one who will actually wear the stuff, I’ve managed to slowly gain possession.

My biggest score was last year when I finally talked Mum into passing on her letter sweater to me. After all, I earned my varsity letter in high school and never did get a jacket. (Oh, how happy I was to win that round!)

At the same time, I begged to be given her lace suit from the 1970 Marine Corps Ball… but my request was denied.

Until this year when I asked again. And she said yes! Oh, how happy that made me.

And there are other great pieces, too. Some of which might one day find their way to my personal vintage collection, too. (Unless one of my sisters decides to fight me for them. In which case I’d let them have this one.) 
(1976; worn to Celeste’s baptism. Also worn by Uncle Mike for Halloween sometime in the 1980s.)

Or this one.
(1975/6; possibly worn for Marine Corps Ball. 1976; worn for my great grandparents’ anniversary.)

Or this one.
(1976; crushed velvet skirt and jacket worn to the Marine Corps Ball)

Or maybe not …

(I wonder what I’ll manage to talk Mum into giving me next…?)

2 Replies to “Vintage smiles”

  1. You should see if she still has the yellow dress with the swingy strings. I remember trying that dress on many times as a child, to shake and shimmy and let the strings swing to and fro. It was an awesome dress. I can’t believe she still has all her old clothes.

    1. Oh gosh, I don’t recall that one … and I’ve been keeping an eye on her vintage clothes for years! I’m still holding a grudge about her getting rid of the dress she wore to her bridal shower several years before I was born. I mean, how could she not know that I would want that dress!?

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