What the hook?

Moving 6,000 miles away means finally clearing out drawers that have long been left cluttered. It also means finding things that you vaguely remember maybe once having for a specific purpose, but can’t quite remember what that purpose was.

These 10 “S” hooks are a perfect example of that. I can almost remember maybe having purchased them for something. But it’s like a ghosted memory of nothing. They’ve sat in top, right-hand drawer of my bedroom vanity for more years than I can remember. My guess is that they were in that drawer when I first left for Scotland 10 years ago!

So, why do I have them? What could they have been for? I don’t know!

But please tell me this: What would you do with them? If they were yours, how would you use them? Any suggestions of how I could use them? Because right now, I’m thinking they’ll just get tossed in the Goodwill pile.

Of course, I’m happy to pack them up and mail them to the person who gives me the most interesting or entertaining use for them, so please feel free to share your ideas!

4 Replies to “What the hook?”

  1. My shower curtain hooks look very similar to these, maybe that’s what they were for??? We also use bigger versions to hang “things in the garage” from a peg style board that was pre-existing when we bought the place! So there is 2 ideas for ya 🙂

  2. Either a strong pair of pliers and use them to make a heavyweight chain necklace (very nouveau punk) or just use as subtitles for any snakes you bump into?

  3. My very first thought was put them in a little cup and play “Barrel of Monkeys” with them. Remember that fun game? 🙂

  4. So many great ideas! After looking at suggestions here and on Facebook, my foster daughter agrees that a necklace (which was also her idea, so she now thinks Rebecca is extra-cool) is the way to go. Which means I need to buy more hooks. Somehow, I wasn’t expecting that ending…

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