My (slightly challenging) 2021 letter challenge

My annual February letter-writing challenge starts today! Indeed, I have already sent my first letter to a nephew in America. That means I only have 27 letters left to write. Yay! Of course, this year will be a little different. Yes, COVID19 is even impacting my annual letter-writing month! But I will still do my best to ensure I get my letters written and sent during February.

In previous years, I would write letters throughout the week and go to the post office once or twice each week on my way to work. But because I am now in my eleventh month of COVID19 isolation, I will not be able to pop into the post office regularly for sending letters to family and friends in America.

This means that I will need to use the Royal Mail’s click and print service (ugly stamps!) for international letters or I will have to arrange for someone else to post letters on my behalf. Or, maybe, I will find the courage to go into the post office. It might also mean that I am posting letters less frequently but sending more items at once.

I am also running low on pretty stationery and notecards, so I will be getting a bit creative in the materials I use for my letters. I have a couple of colouring books that I can use for stationery, colouring on one side and writing on the other. I might also try to repurpose various things as cardstock.

One of the biggest differences about this year’s letter-writing month will likely be what I write! As with most people in the world today, I don’t have exciting holidays or plans for exciting holidays to talk about. And I don’t want to talk about the pandemic and related negative things, so I will have to find topics other than daily life. I imagine that I will share a few memories with family and friends or maybe I’ll share stories about whatever my most recent crafting project is.

Whatever it is I write, however, I will keep it upbeat. Because after nearly a year of this COVID madness, the world needs more joy!

So, if you have been expecting a letter from me, the odds are that you are on my list of people to write to this month. And if you’re not expecting a letter from me but would like one, feel free to pop me a message.

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