A Dunblane day

A couple of weeks ago, I visited The Kelpies with my friend Caroline, and we decided that we’d try to get together for some more summer outings this year. So today, we met up in Dunblane for lunch and a visit to the cathedral. And as it happens, it was a first for both of us. Yes, despite my friend living most of her life near Dunblane – and me living just down the road in Stirling for two years – neither of us had been to the cathedral before!

Like most grand churches throughout Scotland (and the UK as a whole), Dunblane Cathedral began its life as a Catholic church. After the Scottish Reformation, the church entered into Protestant care and is now a Church of Scotland. The main building is from the 1200s; the tower was built in the 1000s with an addition in the 1400s. Major restorative works were then done in the 1800s.

We arrived just as the cathedral was being prepared for a wee organ concert and a wedding. That means that the cathedral was filled with wonderful music as we wandered around the magnificent building. (Although my friend’s wee daughter wasn’t as pleased with the music as we were!) It was also wonderful seeing wedding flowers adorning the aisles in the main church. I know it’s a bit sappy, but I do love a nice church wedding!

After we left the cathedral, we wandered across the road to see the Dunblane Museum. The first thing we did on arrival was investigate the interactive display where we went away with a set of six stamps representing items in the museum. Then, it was off to find the treasures! (I know those things are for kids. But I am my parents’ kid so it’s allowed!)

Of course, as we were in Dunblane we had to stop off at Andy Murray’s gold post box for a quick picture before lunch. It’s the law!

Once again, my heart was warmed and my soul recharged. I am so happy that I’m able to join Caroline and her daughter on their wee summer adventures. And, of course, I am just so lucky to have such wonderful friends!

I have a lot of PhD work to get done over the summer so don’t know how many fun adventures I’ll have, but I’m sure there will be at least a few more to share!

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